SDL Trados Studio 2019 preview


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SDL Trados Studio 2019 preview

What is coming with SDL Trados Studio 2019?

Instant access to everything!
SDL Trados Studio 2019 will introduce a unique CAT tool experience – Tell Me. With Tell Me, you now have instant access to discover new and existing features, settings and commands within Studio 2019. The great thing about this feature is you now have a simpler route to find what you are looking for, to help you get your tasks done quicker. With Tell Me, you can be more confident you are getting the most from your Studio experience.

Clear guidance on-demand
With SDL Trados Studio 2019 you will have an on-demand learning environment, ready to guide you through Studio at your pace. For brand new users, you can enjoy a better and simpler experience to learn how to use all the powerful features Studio 2019 has to offer, helping you to know how to be productive quickly. If you are already using Studio, you can use this feature to discover more advanced functionality, or even discover the new Studio 2019 features!

Effortless project creation
We understand the importance for project managers and translators to create and manage translation projects as efficiently and easily as possible.

The new project creation wizard will enhance your experience with project handling. We have streamlined this process to give you the option to create a project in one easy step. At the same time we have kept all of the rich functionality of the project wizard to allow you to decide how standard or tailored you want to be in the wizard. Importantly, to give you the best user experience possible, we have improved visibility at all project creation steps in our new “metro map” design which tells you exactly at “which station” you are in the overall project preparation process.

To make SDL Trados Studio 2019 even easier to use, project updates have also been simplified to be handled more easily and swiftly. When your customer now sends you a new version of a file that is already work in progress in the project, it is now very easy to update it right from within your project. This brings significant additional productivity when managing your projects.

High quality assured
SDL Trados Studio 2019 will help you experience quality with confidence by streamlining your tasks once translation is complete. We have also improved quality management both in the translation projects and in your most important asset: your translation memory.

Quality Assurance checks have never been more powerful and flexible with new ways to customize settings at language specific level – making it possible to define QA in a much more fine grained and controlled way than what is currently available to you. The Translation Memories Editor has also been improved to enable a better and more enjoyable experience to keep a translation memory in top condition and with the latest, most accurate translations.

We will continue to share more details of the improvements we are bringing with our upcoming release of SDL Trados Studio 2019. I hope you are as excited as I am to discover more and achieve better results with the new Studio 2019 experience!


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