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Title: Document with external, internal and do not translate styles for Trados (tw4winExternal, tw4winInternal, DO_NOT_TRANSLATE)
Post by: spiros on 28 Feb, 2007, 12:42:49
Document with external, internal and do not translate style for Trados (tw4winExternal, tw4winInternal, DO_NOT_TRANSLATE)

Open this file. You can copy / paste the formatting with the shortcuts CTRL+Shift+C, CTRL+Shift+V.

You can also make mass find/replace operations by finding a specific string and replacing with the style. (Press Ctrl+H, click on Replace With, then Format, Style..., select the Trados style). If you cannot find a Trados style then you have not pasted them in the document.

For example, if you have some text like this:

OptimizingPars=Optimizing paragraph structure
GettingParData=Getting paragraph data
AnalyzingPars=Analyzing paragraph structure
RemovingPars=Removing paragraphs

And you want to translate text only after the "=" symbol, using wildcards:

Find: ^13*=
Replace: tw4winExternal style (the actual style, selected from Format > Style).

Ready to import in Studio. A different, Studio-based, complex, slow and convoluted solution, is offered here: A couple of little known gems in SDL Trados Studio | multifarious (

This is Trados external style - tw4winExternal
This is Trados internal style - tw4winInternal
This is Trados untranslatable style - DO_NOT_TRANSLATE