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Title: Store up to 30 MB of files on line for free
Post by: spiros on 14 Dec, 2004, 16:16:39

Yahoo! Briefcase is a tool that allows you to store files online and then access them from anywhere. Think of it as an extra hard drive that you can use from any computer connected to the Internet. You can use it to manage files from home, work, or any other location. It's a great way to share files with family, friends, and co-workers.

We give you 30MB worth of space for free, to get you started. That's room for plenty of files. There's no catch -- you just have to be a registered Yahoo! member.

You don't need to know HTML or any technical tricks to get started. Return often to take advantage of the new services that will make it even easier to share and manage pictures and files.

More free storage and free upload sites (