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Title: New Internet search tool by ProZ
Post by: vkorkas on 31 Jan, 2005, 19:15:22
Internet term search

Did you know that it is possible to enter a term at, and search Internet resources like Eurodicautom, Leo, Wordreference, KudoZ, Ectaco, Systran, Intertran and others all at once? The "Internet Search" is made for just this purpose. Consider bookmarking this time-saver...

How to use it:
(1) Enter the term to search
(2) Enter the languages
(3) Select the resources to search
(4) Click "Search"

The search function will be contacting each of your selected resources at once. To view each result, click the tabs at the top of the page.

Note: Because the sites being accessed may send popup windows, this function is recommended only if you have a popup blocker ( does not host popup ads.)

Title: Re: New Internet search tool by ProZ
Post by: spiros on 31 Jan, 2005, 19:25:20
Yes, very useful tool (it has been around quite a while)!

The problem is that one has to click at each dictionary tab to see the results (they are not presented all together as each one is the result of a different internet search)

A small error which they have not fixed (they should remove the TIS search)

Welcome to TIS on the Web version 2.4
Please note that as a result of the migration of TIS data to IATE, the new interinstitutional database, TIS on the Internet will no longer be updated. We shall inform you in due course of further developments.

Similar dictionary meta search engines: (accessible also from the first page of

and more of them in these translatum pages
Title: New Advanced forum search tool by ProZ
Post by: spiros on 01 Feb, 2005, 02:15:59
Now this is really new ):
It allows advanced search in 200.000 translation related posts in proz