Free electronic fax number in the UK or the USA allows you to receive faxes

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Free fax service

You want to receive faxes but you do not have a fax machine? You live in Greece and you want a fax number in the UK or the USA?

Easy with efax free offer you get a UK or USA number and you can receive faxes for free (in order to send faxes you need to register for their paid service):

"With your eFax Free account, you will get a non-local eFax number to receive faxes in your email (subject to certain limitations as set forth in the Customer Agreement). After you see what eFax Free can do, upgrade to eFax Plus and get all the benefits of a local eFax number, plus the ability to send faxes. To get your eFax Free account, please complete the form below"

You will need to download an application which will allow you to handle your fax files:

Receiving faxes

When someone sends a fax to your eFax number, it is sent to you by email as an eFax (.efx) file. Now that you receive your faxes as electronic files, organizing them becomes as easy as organizing your other documents.

Downloading and installing eFax Messenger Plus [ Windows]

1. Go to and click Download.
2. Enter your email address and choose Messenger Plus.
3. Click the OK Download button.
4. The download will start. When prompted, save the program to your computer.
5. After youΆve finished downloading the file, close any programs you are running or
documents you are editing.
6. Right-click on the file you saved and choose Open.
7. When prompted to install the software, click Yes.
8. Read the license agreement and click Yes to indicate your agreement.
9. Click Next if you want to install the program in the default folder. You can also click
Browse to select a different location.
10. Type your name and eFax number in the User Identification window when
prompted. Then, click Next.
11. In the Select Email Software window, you will see a list of email programs that are
recommended for use with Messenger Plus. Select the email software you use
and click Next. If your email software does not appear on the list, select Other
and click Next.
12. In the Test Email Setup window, click Test Setup. The
Email Wizard will start your email program and attach a
Messenger Plus file to a test message.
13. If the test message appears properly, click Next. If it does
not appear properly, click Back to confirm that you have
selected the proper email software. Then try another
test message. If it does not appear properly, click

Viewing an eFax (.efx) file

1. If you havenΆt already done so, follow the
instructions below to download and install
eFax Messenger or Messenger Plus.*
2. Open the email that contains your fax.
3. Save the eFax file to your computer.
4. Open eFax Messenger Plus.
5. On the File menu, click Open.
6. Find the eFax file you saved to your computer.
7. Click Open.

Logging into the My Account section:

1. Go to
2. Click on the “My Account” icon.
3. Enter your eFax number (e.g. 13235551212) and your four-digit PIN.
4. YouΆll be asked if you want your computer to “remember” your eFax number and
PIN. If you indicate Yes by clicking on the box, you will not be asked for this
information again. NOTE: To ensure your privacy, leave the box unchecked if you
are using a public computer. If you leave the box unchecked, you will need to enter
your eFax number and PIN each time you log in.
5. Click on the blue OK button to log in.


Another name for your email program.
A cookie is a very small text file managed by your web browser. Cookies enable eFax
to “remember” information about you, such as your setting or profile information.
eFax (.efx) file
A highly-compressed file received via the eFax Service. These files, characterized by
their .efx file extension, can be viewed with eFax Messenger or eFax Messenger Plus.
Both are available for download from our site at no charge.
fax header
Information may include the date and time the fax was received, sending and
receiving fax number, and number of pages. This information is provided by the userΆs fax machine and may vary.
HotSend is now eFax Messenger Plus.
ISP (Internet Service Provider)
The company that provides your Internet access.
Live Menu
This part of the eFax Messenger Plus software displays the eFax Messenger Plus
menu in your other programs. You can also configure it to hide the menu.
Messenger Plus
This program allows you to view faxes.
MIME, or “Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions,” is a standard for the way attached
files are sent with email. It tells the receiving software what type of file is attached.
PIN (Personal Identification Number)
When you sign up for any eFax service, youΆll receive an email with your Personal
Identification Number (PIN). Keep your PIN in a safe place and use it to access
account information in My Account.
TIFF (.tif) file
A common graphic file format. Can be used to receive faxes on machines that do not
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