true dat -> σωστά, σωστό, σωστός, σωστό κι αυτό, καλά τα λες, αλήθεια, αμέ, εννοείται, σίγουρα, έχεις δίκιο, οκέικ


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true dat -> σωστά, σωστό, σωστό κι αυτό, αλήθεια, αμέ, εννοείται, σίγουρα, έχεις δίκιο
true that

true dat   
A) to agree with
B) most definately
C) without a doubt

Meaning A:
K: My momma hates it when you eat all our food and never stay at your house.
A: True dat.

Meaning B:
K: Are you sure you want to drive my brother's car while he's out of town on business?
A: True dat.

Meaning C:
K: Your grades are slipping because you stay high all the time!
A: True dat.



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