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Title: Διέλυσε
Post by: Remus on 20 Oct, 2005, 23:51:54
Ιve looked all over for a definition of this. I think it's a compound of λυω + δια in the weak aorist active but I can't find an exact meaning. Here is the context:

"χειμὼν μέγιστος διέλυσε τὰς γεφυρας" Simplified Herodotus - 'Xerxes whips the sea'

Please help!
Title: Re: διέλυσε
Post by: spiros on 20 Oct, 2005, 23:54:03
destroyed from the verb διαλύω
Title: Απ: διέλυσε
Post by: wings on 20 Oct, 2005, 23:56:13
Ιndeed, 'destroyed' as Spiros suggested or 'broke into pieces'.