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Title: ΑΡΧΙΜΟΣ ΑΜΦΙΑΡΑΩΙ ΑΝΕΘΗΚΕΝ → Dedicated by Archimos to Amphiaraus
Post by: ccm on 24 Jun, 2005, 21:14:08
arxinosamfiaraoi anethyken (not sure if this is 3 words or two) is printed on a plaque related to something medcial that was given to me as a gift. can anyone figure out what it means or refers to? i can try to copy the Greek characters if you think it will make a difference. Thanks so much!
Title: Re: arximos amfiaraoi anetheken
Post by: banned8 on 25 Jun, 2005, 03:16:36
This is a votive relief found at the Amphiareion.
A picture can be seen here:
It is kept at the Athens Archeological Museum.

Read about Amphiaraus here:
Lots of links for the Amphiareion.

The inscription reads:
Dedicated by Archimos to Amphiaraus.