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Title: ἐς χθονὸς οὖδας -> onto the surface of the earth
Post by: spiros on 07 Apr, 2020, 15:30:16
ἐς χθονὸς οὖδας -> onto the surface of the earth

ἔστιν ἀνάγκης χρῆμα, θεῶν ψήφισμα παλαιόν,
ἀίδιον, πλατέεσσι κατεσφρηγισμένον ὅρκοις·
εὖτέ τις ἀμπλακίῃσι φόνῳ φίλα γυῖα μιήνῃ
†ὃς καὶ† ἐπίορκον ἁμαρτήσας ἐπομώσει
5 δαίμονες οἵτε μακραίωνος λελάχασι βίοιο,
τρίς μιν μυρίας ὧρας ἀπὸ μακάρων ἀλάλησθαι,
φυόμενον παντοῖα διὰ χρόνου εἴδεα θνητῶν
ἀργαλέας βιότοιο μεταλλάσσοντα κελεύθους.
αἰθέριον μὲν γάρ σφε μένος πόντονδε διώκει,
10 πόντος δ’ ἐς χθονὸς οὖδας ἀπέπτυσε, γαῖα δ’ ἐς αὐγάς
ἠελίου φαέθοντος, ὁ δ’ αἰθέρος ἔμβαλε δίνῃς·
ἄλλος δ’ ἐξ ἄλλου δέχεται, στυγέουσι δὲ πάντες.
τῶν καὶ ἐγὼ νῦν εἰμι, φυγὰς θεόθεν καὶ ἀλήτης,
νείκεϊ μαινομένῳ πίσυνος.

There is an oracle of necessity, and ancient decree of the gods,
eternal, sealed with broad oaths:
whenever one, in his sins, stains his dear limbs with blood
… [the text is corrupt here] by misdeed swears falsely,
5 [of] he daimons [that is] who have won long-lasting life,
he wanders for thrice then thousand seasons away from the blessed ones
growing to be all sorts of forms of mortal things through time,
interchanging the hard paths of life.
For the strenth of aither pursues him into the sea,
10 and the sea spits [him] onto the surface of the earth and earth into the beams
of the blazing sun, and throws him into the eddies of the air;
and one after another receives [him], but all hate [him].
I too am now one of these, an exile from the gods and a wanderer,
trusting in mad strife.

Empedocles, Fragment 115