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Title: New options: Upload your picture and send messages to other members
Post by: spiros on 12 Sep, 2005, 21:14:19
Upload profile picture

a. Go to your profile
b. Select "Forum Profile Information"
c. Click on the "Browse" button of the "I will upload my own picture"option.
d. select your image
[NB. Make sure your image is not over 90x120 pixels]

Send and receive messages

You can use the forum's messaging system to send messages to other members. When you log in you see in the user info box, on the left, "you have x messages". You click on that link and you enter the messaging system.

Private message options:

Go to

1. Profile
2. Personal Message Options

and check any of the following boxes:

Notify by email every time you receive a personal message.
Save a copy of each Personal Message in my outbox by default.
Show a popup when you receive new messages?