Launch queries in Termium and TransSearch from MS-Word!


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Launch queries in Termium and TransSearch from MS-Word!

Satisfying the concrete needs of translators has always been Terminotix’s commitment, and its last creation is an excellent example. Terminotix has developed a toolbar embedded in MS-Word that enables you to launch queries in Termium and TransSearch. To launch a query, you only need to select a term in MS-Word and click on the button corresponding to the search engine you want to search in. As soon as you press the button, the screen automatically switches to the selected search engine and the results are displayed. To search in TransSearch, you need to have a valid account and be logged in before launching an automatic search. For TransSearch, you can select “Documents Collection” and your username directly into the toolbar, and for Termium, you can set up the search keys (“English Terms”, “French Terms”, “Spanish Terms” and “All Terms”).

Termium contains more than 3,900,000 terms and names, with definitions, contexts, examples of usage, observations and phraseological units.

TransSearch is a bilingual concordancer containing:

The Hansard of the House of Commons from 1986 to today;
The Hansard of the Senate from April 1986;
The rulings of the following courts:
Supreme Court of Canada up to February 28, 2009;
Federal Court of Canada up to February 12, 2009;
Tax Court of Canada up to January 29, 2009;
Federal Court of Appeal up to February 3, 2009.

A Spanish-English document collection containing international labour standard conventions, recommendations and decisions kindly made available by the International Labour Organization.

To get your free Terminotix toolbar, please write to and provide us with your coordinates, the version of your MS-Word, your preferred language, and don’t forget to write “Toolbar” in the subject field of your email.


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