pan-Turanism → παντουρανισμός


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Turanism → τουρανισμός
Turanian → Τουράνιος, Τουράνια, τουρανικός, τουρανικά
pan-Turanianism → παντουρανισμός
pan-Turanism → παντουρανισμός

Turanism, also known as pan-Turanianism or pan-Turanism, is a nationalist cultural and political movement proclaiming the need for close cooperation or political unification between (culturally, linguistically or ethnically related) peoples of Inner and Central Asian origin like the Finns, Japanese, Koreans, Sami, Samoyeds, Hungarians, Turks, Mongols, Manchus and other smaller ethnic groups as a means of securing and furthering shared interests and countering the threats posed by the policies of the great powers of Europe. It was born in the 19th century to counter the effects of pan-nationalist ideologies such as pan-Germanism and pan-Slavism. The idea of a "Turanian brotherhood and collaboration" was borrowed from the pan-Slavic concept of "Slavic brotherhood and collaboration".
Turanism - Wikipedia


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