Scam ads on Google Ads / Medical scams and how to detect them

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Scam ads on Google Adsense

There appear to be numerous scam adverts in Google Ads. I recently saw a health scam pointing to the domain (Hedrapure miracle ear drops cure for hearing loss with scam sites all over the internet). Apparently, there is no vetting for these ads. See article below:

Fraudsters can create and post adverts for fake businesses on Google “within hours”, according to a Which? investigation.
Scammers can create fake business ads on Google 'within hours' | Scams | The Guardian

In general, look out for the following Red Flags to health advice on the net:

1. Self-described experts with no formal qualifications or qualifications that are unaccredited or not recognized by any regulatory body (there are zillions of self-made pseudo 'nutritionists' and 'health experts' out there!).
2. The site is selling you a product, any product.
3. Claims of wide-reaching and convoluted conspiracies to explain why the magic solution hasn't caught on.
4. Extraordinary health claims from overly simplistic solutions (like Kombucha healing and preventing dozens of diseases).
5. Sequentially reduced price offers and several add-ons to something claimed to fix your health issues.

There are many more precautions but in essence, use your common sense: If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.
What are the best medical texts for intelligent lay-people? - Quora
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