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Title: diplomatic pouch -> διπλωματικός σάκος
Post by: spiros on 04 Apr, 2021, 10:44:04
diplomatic pouch -> διπλωματικός σάκος

A diplomatic bag, also known as a diplomatic pouch, is a container with certain legal protections used for carrying official correspondence or other items between a diplomatic mission and its home government or other diplomatic, consular, or otherwise official entity. The physical concept of a "diplomatic bag" is flexible and therefore can take many forms (e.g., a cardboard box, briefcase, duffel bag, large suitcase, crate or even a shipping container).
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ar: حقيبة دبلوماسية; be: дыпламатычная пошта; ca: valisa diplomàtica; de: Diplomatengepäck; en: diplomatic bag; es: valija diplomática; fr: valise diplomatique; he: דואר דיפלומטי; it: valigia diplomatica; ml: ഡിപ്ലോമാറ്റിക് ബാഗ്; pl: poczta dyplomatyczna; pt: mala diplomática; zh: 外交邮袋