Export Multiterm termbase in tab-delimited format? How not to lose the synonyms...


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Export Multiterm termbase in tab-delimited format? How not to lose the synonyms...

It looks like the default Multiterm tab-delimited termbase export has a major side-effect: all synonyms are gone!

In Paul Filkin's own words:
You have to have a mentality that can adapt to the crazy unintuitive and illogical workings of MultiTerm to make this one work!  I almost logged a bug myself until I realised what was needed.
Multiterm does not correctly export its own termbases to tab-delimited format (only one translated term per source term is exported) - MultiTerm - Translation Productivity - SDL Community

One solution for this. Use attached AHK script. You first need to install AutoHotkey
Then click on this script, it will open a window, find your termbase and click on it. Wait. It is a bit slow. At the end, it will pop up Excel with your exported termbase, save the file.
Another solution is https://www.cerebus.de/glossaryconverter/

The official solution is:

1. Duplicate the default export so you can edit it
2. Select the duplicate and click on "Edit"
3. When you get to step 2 of 8 select the "Sort termbase content by language field"
4. Click through until you get to step 7 of 8 and select the "Re-export synonyms"
5. Click next and finish
6. Now process the edited export definition

The process did not work for me. For one thing, when I tried to "process" the edited definition and export the entries, the option was for an xml file. I manually saved as txt. Then when the file was produced, I could find some of the synonyms, but not all, and some terms with multiple synonyms were altogether reduced to one.


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