Getting updates through facebook

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Getting updates through facebook

Facebook is now making administrators pay to promote every post/update from our page. In an attempt to make us pay for "promoted posts," Facebook will now only let 7% of you (people who liked our page on facebook) receive each update we post.

Meaning that now, in order to receive all our messages you must do the following:

1) Go to our facebook page.
2) Then hover your mouse over where it says Liked and click on Add to interests lists.

Now you will be able to see ALL of our posts in your news feed!

If you haven't liked our page then this is your chance :)


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Thanks very much for this, Spiro!

Done :-)!
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Done! (γέμισε η προσωπική μου σελίδα με ποστ της κοινότητας. Αφασία) :)
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