uncool → ξενέρωτος, ξενέρας, κρυόκωλος, βαρετός, ξενέ, σπαστικός, σπαστικό, σπάσιμο, δε λέει, μάπα, μαπέξ


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uncool → ξενέρωτος, ξενέρας, κρυόκωλος, βαρετός

(spoken slang) unfashionable and boring
not in accord with the current fashion, standards or mores of a particular group; not cool
Definitions of uncool - OneLook Dictionary Search

Synonyms: boring, dull, lame, pathetic, pitiful, sad, tacky, weak
Antonyms: cool, awesome

Esperanto: malmojosa
Georgian: ბანძი (banʒi)
German: uncool (de), berstig (de), ungeil
Romanian: nasol (ro)
Russian: отстой (ru) (otstoj)
Slovak: nesympatický
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