Troubleshooting Errors 40005, 80005 when Opening Files in TagEditor or Crashes when Opening HTML/XML/SGML Files


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Κι όμως, ακόμη και μια γραμματοσειρά μπορεί να δημιουργήσει πρόβλημα στο "κορυφαίο μεταφραστικό εργαλείο" (sic από το sick and tired). Μόλις με ταλαιπώρησε, αλλά ευτυχώς είχαν προλάβει να το αντιμετωπίσουν άλλοι. For future reference, λοιπόν:

Bug: Troubleshooting Errors 40005, 80005 when Opening Files in TagEditor or Crashes when Opening HTML/XML/SGML Files
Applies to: TagEditor 7


When a TRADOStag (TTX) file is opened in TagEditor, the error (40005): "Unknown exception" occurs.
When a native file (XLS, PPT, DOC, RTF) is opened in TagEditor, the error (80005): "Unexpected error when opening file '' using a plug-in filter" occurs.
When an HTML or another markup language file is opened in TagEditor, TagEditor crashes with an error message.


In these instances, the Arial font is not available in the Source and Target font lists in the Translator's Workbench translation memory setup on the File - Setup - Fonts tab.

The Arial font is heavily used in all TRADOS applications. If Arial is not available in the font lists in Translator's Workbench, this means that Windows is not properly communicating the font information about Arial to TRADOS. If this is the case, unpredictable behaviour and instability will occur. To troubleshoot this behaviour, all Arial font variants need to be removed temporarily from the Windows Fonts folder and then re-installed. The main Arial font needs be re-installed first.


Create a new folder for temporarily moving the Arial fonts, such as, C:\TempFonts. Open this folder in Windows Explorer.
Open the Windows fonts folder - C:\Windows\Fonts (default on Windows XP) or C:\WINNT\Fonts (default on Windows 2000) - in another Windows Explorer window. Switch to the Details view so all fonts and their file names are displayed.
Arrange the two Explorers in such a way that font files be easily dragged & dropped from the Fonts folder to the TempFonts folder.
One by one, drag each font which has a name starting with "Arial" from the Fonts folder and drop it into the TempFonts folder. This uninstalls the font. After each font is moved, confirm that the font is indeed no longer listed in the Fonts folder.
Repeat this for all fonts starting with the string "Arial". Ensure that no Arial font is left in Fonts folder.
Now drag the font "arial.ttf" from the TempFonts folder back to the Fonts folder. This re-installs the font. Confirm that Arial is now available again in the Fonts folder. It might also be called "Arial Standard" or carry another localised name.
Start Translator's Workbench and check if Arial is now listed in the Fonts list. Important: If you don't see it, reboot your PC and check again. Sometimes you must reboot the PC to clear the font cache.
You can now drag & drop all other Arial font variants back into the Fonts folder.
Start TagEditor and open a file. Errors and/or crashes should no longer occur.
STATUS: Partly Solved

Trados Article ID: 1590
Created: Wednesday, October 26, 2005 8:43:35 PM
Last updated: Friday, October 28, 2005 7:50:55 AM


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