'Asia' Magazine Focuses on Role of Translators


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'Asia' Magazine Focuses on Role of Translators

The winter edition of Asia Literary Magazine covers the challenges translators must contend with in the Asian-Pacific region. In one article Australian translator Harry Aveling says translation needs to be understood in the context of world literature. Aveling cites the Indonesian experience as especially rich in terms of translation since Indonesians have been exposed to many Asian, Middle Eastern, and European dialects and cultures throughout history. He says Indonesian translation practices are reflective of this commingling of cultures, yet Indonesian and other Southeast Asian publishers translate extensively from works overseen by major Western publishers. Aveling says the Indonesian experience presents a need to rethink translation, which is frequently considered a literal and accurate transfer of texts between languages. In another article from the magazine, Korean writer and translator Ahn Jung-hyo stresses the need to reassess the status of translation, noting that it was not very long ago that the practice was regarded with contempt, particularly in instances where Korean was being translated into English. He believes that Koreans still hold a lingering prejudice against Korean translators. A third article authored by Korean translator Kim Tae-seong makes the case that many translated texts get damaged because the translators are not of the best quality. Tae-seong argues that teaching the proper attitude toward the job of translation must be prioritized in educating professionals.

From "'Asia' Magazine Focuses on Role of Translators"
Korea Herald (Korea) (11/26/08) Sung-jin, Yang

Source: ATA Newsbriefs - December 2008
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