Scott, Greg, Chris and Janette


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Could someone if possible be able to translate the following names into Greek for me.

Scott, Greg, Chris and Janette.

Many thanks, I carn't seem to get the translator to work.

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This is the transliteration for these names:

Scott = Σκοτ
Greg = Γκρεγκ
Chris = Κρις
Janette = Τζάνετ (if accented on the first syllable), Τζανέτ (if on the second)


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Hi, Janette. Do you literally mean translate (i.e. write the names in their Greek form), or transliterate (just write the names using Greek characters)?

If you mean the former, then the names Chris and Greg would be Χρήστος (Christos) and Γρηγόρης (Grigoris) respectively. Also, how do you pronounce 'Janette'? Is the 'j' pronounced like the 'g' in 'beige' or the 'j' in 'jam'? If not, then follow what nickel said.

Merry Christmas.

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