Exporting Wordfast translation memory as tmx for Trados import

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How to Export a Wordfast Translation Memory as tmx for Trados Import

This major function deserves a more prominent place in Wordfast's interface. However, in the latest version (5) you need to do a bit of detective work, or if you are lucky enough, find the answer with an Internet search (I guess since you found this post, you belong to the latter category)!

So, to export a Wordfast translation memory as tmx:

Wordfast 5
Use the TM/Glossary editor > Tools > Special filters > Export to TMX.
For example by pressing Alt+M, and clicking on the Tools icon on the top right.

Wordfast 4
Click the Export button in Wordfast > Translation memories

Importing tmx file in Trados
To import the tmx file in Trados create a new TM (or open an existing one) and import the TMX file into it. In order to do that go to File→Import, click OK in the first dialog box, select the TMX 1.4 format in the Save as type list in the last dialog box and then import.


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