Wordfast price, license and licensing terms

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I was a bit confused about Wordfast licensing, what happens once the 3 year period has passed? I got a reply from the Wordfast Yahoo group from Dominique.

Nobody knows for sure, because the first licences that were sold under the current scheme were sold in October 2002.

Do you need to pay an extra 180 euros or whatever to extend to 3 more years?

My understanding is that you can continue to use whatever version you had installed at the end of the 3-year period, but you can't install new versions. Obviously, there's nothing (technically speaking) that will prevent you from doing so, as long as your install # remains the same (= same computer, same OS, same hard drive etc.).

I've heard rumours according to which the upgrading fee (after the three-year period) would be half the normal price. The normal price is currently 180 euros, which would mean the upgrade would cost 90 euros. I also think the upgrade cost would be good for another three years. All that would be more than fair (and competitive) IMO.


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