mudding → οδήγηση σε λάσπη, λάσπωμα, αρμολόγηση, στοκάρισμα


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mudding → οδήγηση σε λάσπη

Driving an off-road vehicle through muddy terrain.
mudding - Wiktionary

technique of stirring bentonite or clay powder and water by an auger into granular soil to facilitate the installation of a temporary casing.
Γεωτεχνική ορολογία με επεξηγήσεις των όρων στην Αγγλική - Αρχιμήδης: Forum ενημέρωσης και προβληματισμού των τεχνικών

“Mudding,” the process of applying multiple thin coats of drywall compound to the joints and screw indentations in newly hung drywall, sounds messy—and it is. But when done correctly, the result is a wall so flat that few observers can spot the seams beneath
How to Mud Drywall Like a Pro - Bob Vila
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