lookahead -> πρόβλεψη, πρό-βλεψη, εμπροσθόβλεψη, εμπροσθοέλεγχος;


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lookahead -> πρόβλεψη, πρό-βλεψη, εμπροσθόβλεψη

lookahead εμπρός

negative lookahead
positive lookahead

lookbehind -> μετάβλεψη, οπισθόβλεψη, οπισθέλεγχος;
lookaround -> περίβλεψη, περιέλεγχος; (Collective term for lookahead and lookbehind)

The analysis of the subsequent characters before the regular expression is matched.

(regular expressions): negative lookahead ("?!" operator): a failed lookahead attempt
(regular expressions): positive lookahead ("?=" operator): a successful lookahead attempt
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