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Title: ουσιαστικό-κέλυφος → shell noun, container noun, carrier noun
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shell nounουσιαστικό-κέλυφος

In English grammar and cognitive linguistics, a shell noun is an abstract noun that, in a particular context, conveys or refers to a complex idea. A shell noun can be identified on the basis of its behavior in an individual clause, not on the basis of its inherent lexical meaning. Also called container noun and carrier noun.

The term shell noun was coined in 1997 by linguist Hans-Jörg Schmid, who went on to explore the concept at length in English Abstract Nouns as Conceptual Shells (2000). Schmid defines shell nouns as "an open-ended, functionally defined class of abstract nouns that have, to varying degrees, the potential for being used as conceptual shells for complex, proposition-like pieces of information."
Definition and Examples of Shell Nouns in English (

Πρόκειται για γενικά ουσιαστικά που χρησιμοποιούνται σε φράσεις για να αναφερθούν συμπεριληπτικά σε ολόκληρα τμήματα ενός κειμένου.
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