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Title: αρχειομαρξισμός → археомарксизм
Post by: spiros on 22 Nov, 2020, 11:08:32
αρχειομαρξισμός → археомарксизм
αρχειομαρξίστρια → archeiomarxist, Archeio-Marxist
αρχειομαρξισμός → archeiomarxism, Archeio-Marxism

Archeio-Marxism (Greek: αρχειομαρξισμός) was a radical left political movement that was active in interwar Greece. The main motto of its supporters was "first education and then action" and they were against mass demonstrations and unionism. They were named after the Archive of Marxism (Greek: Αρχείο Μαρξισμού) magazine, that was published in 1921.