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Title: γύρος του θριάμβου -> victory lap, lap of honor, lap of honour
Post by: spiros on 03 Feb, 2020, 11:10:18
victory lap -> γύρος του θριάμβου
lap of honor, lap of honour

A victory lap (also lap of honor) is a term used in motorsports to describe an extra lap of the race track after the conclusion of a race. This lap, driven at reduced speed, allows the winning driver to celebrate his or her victory and gives the spectators an opportunity to congratulate and honor the competitors. Commonly, trackside flag marshals will wave their flags in a gesture known as the FIA salute or the Monkey Dance in the US. It is not uncommon for marshals to clap or wave their hands at drivers as a gesture and sometimes the drivers wave back in response.

Bulgarian: почетна обиколка  (početna obikolka)
Finnish: kunniakierros
French: tour d'honneur
German: Siegerrunde, Ehrenrunde
Greek: γύρος του θριάμβου m (gýros tou thriámvou)
Portuguese: volta olímpica
Swedish: ärevarv