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laughing dove → φοινικοτρύγονο

The laughing dove (Spilopelia senegalensis) is a small pigeon that is a resident breeder in Africa, the Middle East, the Indian Subcontinent, and Western Australia where it has established itself in the wild around Perth and Fremantle. This small long-tailed dove is found in dry scrub and semi-desert habitats where pairs can often be seen feeding on the ground. A rufous and black chequered necklace gives it a distinctive pattern and is also easily distinguished from other doves by its call. Other names include laughing turtle dove, palm dove and Senegal dove while in India the name of the little brown dove is often used.
Laughing dove - Wikipedia
Ανακαλύφτηκε στη Λέσβο το φοινικοτρύγονο, νέο για την Ελλάδα αναπαραγόμενο είδος πουλιού |

af: lemoenduif; ar: فاختة النخيل; ast: spilopelia senegalensis; az: xırda qur-qur; bg: сенегалска гургулица; br: turzhunell-balmez; ca: tórtora del senegal; ceb: streptopelia senegalensis; cs: hrdlička senegalská; cy: turtur chwerthinog; de: Palmtaube; el: φοινικοτρύγονο; en: laughing dove; eo: palmturto; es: spilopelia senegalensis; eu: senegalgo usapal; fa: قمری خانگی; fi: palmukyyhky; fr: tourterelle maillée; ga: colm gáiriteach; ha: kurciya gamji; he: צוצלת; hu: pálmagerle; hy: փոքր տատրակ; it: spilopelia senegalensis; kk: кіші түркептер; lt: mažasis purplelis; ml: തവിടൻ പ്രാവ്; mrj: изи тыргӓдӹ; mr: भोवरी; ne: धुसर ढुकुर; nl: palmtortel; no: palmedue; pl: synogarlica senegalska; pnb: ہسدی کگی; pt: rola-do-senegal; ru: малая горлица; sv: palmduva; ta: கள்ளிப்புறா; tr: küçük kumru; uk: горлиця мала; uz: musicha; vi: chim ngói nâu; war: streptopelia senegalensis; zh: 棕斑鸠


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