no-hair theorem → θεώρημα εξάλειψης των ιχνών


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no-hair theorem → θεώρημα εξάλειψης των ιχνών

The no-hair theorem states that all black hole solutions of the Einstein–Maxwell equations of gravitation and electromagnetism in general relativity can be completely characterized by only three externally observable classical parameters: mass, electric charge, and angular momentum. All other information (for which "hair" is a metaphor) about the matter that formed a black hole or is falling into it "disappears" behind the black-hole event horizon and is therefore permanently inaccessible to external observers. Physicist John Archibald Wheeler expressed this idea with the phrase "black holes have no hair", which was the origin of the name.
No-hair theorem - Wikipedia

Το γνωστό ως «θεώρημα εξάλειψης ιχνών» (no hair in black hole, κατά τον Τζον Γουίλερ).
Η δικαίωση του Χόκινγκ άργησε τρία χρόνια |

de: Keine-Haare-Theorem; en: no-hair theorem; es: teorema de no pelo; fa: نظریه بدون مو; fr: théorème de calvitie; he: משפט האין-שיער; hi: बाल-विहीनता सिद्धांत; it: teorema no-hair; ja: ブラックホール脱毛定理; ko: 털없음 정리; lv: bezmatu teorēma; pt: teorema da calvície; ru: теорема об отсутствии волос; simple: no-hair theorem; uk: чорні діри не мають волосся; zh: 无毛定理


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