Aegean Koine, A Diachronic Approach To The Aegean World And Its Cultures

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Aegean Koine, A Diachronic Approach To The Aegean World And Its Cultures: 3000 BC – AD 2000, 22-23 April 2005, University of Oxford
Deadline for paper submissions: 15th February 2005

The OU Greek Society, with the support of the University of Oxford, the University of Athens and the University of the Aegean (Lesvos), is organising a graduate-student workshop about the Aegean Koine: The Aegean and its cultures through the centuries. Contributors from other Greek and UK universities are also welcome. The workshop will take place in Oxford on the 22nd and 23rd April 2005 and is planned to be the first in a series of research-exchange meetings. Short papers (c. 20 minutes) will be presented about different aspects of the Aegean history, archaeology, ethnology and literature from Prehistoric times to the 20th c. AD. Keynote speakers of the workshop will be Professor Angelos Chaniotis (University of Heidelberg) and Professor Elizabeth Zachariadou (University of Crete).

The participants will be asked to speak about their research, so that they contribute to an inter-disciplinary discussion concerning different levels of interaction among Aegean societies (of the coastal areas and the islands) and their links with other areas of the Mediterranean world (Anatolia, Middle East, N. Africa, the West) in different periods. Among the crucial questions of the workshop will be the extent to which we can speak of a cultural Aegean koine. Other topics will involve the impact of a central power over the large geographical area, the study of trade links vis-a-vis the movement of ideas, the long-term interaction between island, coastal territories and inland areas, the cohabitation among different cultural groups, population movements, local dialects, literature and more.

The central aim of this workshop is to encourage the exchange of knowledge and the transfer of research experience for a variety of disciplines among graduate students on the basis of annual meetings alternating between Oxford and Greece, which could eventually lead to future research cooperation between the universities. UK-based students will have the opportunity to become familiar with parallel research projects organised by Greek universities and foster links with Greek scholars.

Participants are requested to send an abstract of their work in English (c. 1000 words) to the scientific committee (consisting of a mixed group of graduate students and Oxford fellows) by 15th February 2005. English will be the official language. All papers will be published online and in print, and will be accompanied by short abstracts in both English and Greek. A number of travel grants will be available for the participants.

The OU Greek Society will be responsible for organising the first meeting of the Oxford/ Athens/ Aegean partnership. The second meeting of the workshop is planned to take place in Greece in 2006, organised by the Societies of Graduate students and the Faculties of the Athens and the Aegean university.

For more information and paper submissions:

Greek Society
c/o Georgios Deligiannakis
Lady Margaret Hall
Oxford OX2 6QA (UK)


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