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Do check out this board here we will publish important announcements about translatum.gr and the forum.

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26 Jul, 2021, 13:11:34
General Discussion

Discuss anything which does not relate with the other forums.

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Feedback & Help

Feedback about translatum.gr and the forum and help to members regarding its usage.

Moderator: spiros
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19 Sep, 2021, 23:54:27
English->Modern Greek Translation Forum

Please note: if you want ancient (or biblical) Greek, post at the English -> Ancient Greek board. Here you can post questions about English terms and phrases for which you seek a Modern Greek translation.

Please use as subject ONLY the word/phrase you want translated and not "help with a translation". Also, if your subject area is specialist, use the appropriate child board, if not, use this one.

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Survey of Health, Ageing...
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Modern Greek->English Translation Forum

Here you can post questions about Modern Greek terms and phrases for which you seek an English translation.

Please use as subject ONLY the word/phrase you want translated and not "help with a translation".

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Greek monolingual forum

This forum deals with all issues concerning the Greek language and grammar.

Moderator: Dr Moshe
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14 Oct, 2021, 17:42:27
Other language pairs

Please select the appropriate child board for your question!

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Translator resources

Use this forum if you have found a good glossary or other resource or if you are looking for one.

Moderator: spiros
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Multilingual content man...
13 Oct, 2021, 19:40:04
Favourite Music and Lyrics

Post your favourite texts, movies, lyrics, quotations.

Moderator: Ion
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Edith Södergran
15 Oct, 2021, 18:55:50
Translation Training Courses and Resources

Resources for learning translation. Of interest both to teachers and learners.

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Η μετάφραση της ποίησης ...
12 May, 2021, 09:37:29
Working as a Translator

This is about all the problems one might encounter in their work as a translator from non-payers to registration with the tax office.

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Οδηγίες για δημιουργία π...
03 Oct, 2021, 12:59:01
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