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Sangharakshita (born Dennis Philip Edward Lingwood, 26 August 1925 – 30 October 2018) was a British Buddhist teacher and writer. He was the founder of the Triratna Buddhist Community, which was known until 2010 as the Friends of the Western Buddhist Order, or FWBO.

An Apology

We live in the Age of Apologies. Here is an apology that is much more meaningful than many being made today.
Mankind owes a profound apology
To the Birds, for having polluted the air through which they fly,
To the Ape and the Tiger, for having destroyed the forests in which they live,
To the Deer and the Bison, for ruthlessly hunting them almost to extinction,
To the Rivers and Streams, for poisoning them with chemicals,
To the Earth itself, for greedily pillaging its riches of silver and gold,
To the Ocean, for slaughtering the greatest of her children, the Whale, ‘for scientific purposes’,
To the Mountain Peaks, for defiling their virgin snows with our trash,
To the Moon, for rudely invading her sacred space,
To the Stars, for obscuring their brightness with the smoke of our cities,
To the Sun, for not gratefully acknowledging our dependence on his bounty,
To the truly great Men and Women of the past, for not honouring their memory as we should and for not walking in their footsteps.

July 2009


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