ghost word → λέξη-φάντασμα, ανύπαρκτη λέξη


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ghost word → λέξη-φάντασμα, ανύπαρκτη λέξη

A fictitious or erroneous word, originally meaningless (not used in practice), that has been published in a dictionary or similarly authoritative reference work or otherwise listed as genuine, generally as the result of misinterpretation, misreading, or typographical error.
fantasma - Wiktionary

Armenian: ուրվական բառ; Catalan: mot fantasma; Dutch: spookwoord; French: mot fantôme; German: Ghostword, Geisterwort; Japanese: 幽霊語; Russian: несуществующее слово; Spanish: fantasma lexicográfico, palabra fantasma


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