Trados and Excel: tips by SDL


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Φυσικά, επειδή είναι από την SDL, πιάνουν μια φορά στο τόοοσο. :)
(Αντιπολίτευση, Στάθη, αντιπολίτευση!)

1. Table cells starting with an "=" cause problems during cleanup in Workbench and when saving the target Excel file from within TagEditor

In order to work around the problem, you need to prepare the files in a way that the equal sign character is enclosed by some other unique characters. For example, you can replace all occurrences of = with <=> in the source language file. During translation, you will have to use the same "markup" in the target language segments as well. After translation and clean-up you can then replace all occurrences of <=> with = using the Excel Search and Replace feature.

2.  Error "Connection with server application error: Unable to locate original file" when attempting to save *xls.ttx file as target language Excel file in TagEditor

Find the original Excel file and copy it into the same directory as the bilingual *.ttx file, then retry the save as target step in TagEditor.

3. When cleaning up an Excel or PowerPoint file translated in TagEditor, the error message "Object reference not set to an instance of an object" is displayed

Find the original Excel/PowerPoint file and copy it into the same directory as the bilingual *.ttx file, then re-try the Clean Up operation in Translator's Workbench.

4. Excel file cannot be saved as target in TagEditor

This message is an Excel error message. Excel does not accept sheet names that exceed 31 characters, blank sheet names, and/or sheets that contain characters such as : \ / ? : * []. When translating Excel files make sure to observe these rules.

In particular, this may be important when translated Excel files are converted back into their original format, e.g. on a TeamWorks server or via GXT. Before submitting the translated TradosTag files, you should try to save the file as target in order to ascertain whether there are any worksheet naming problems. If this is the case, please take care to adapt the worksheet names to conform with the naming requirements of Excel.

With TRADOS 7, users can avail of the Excel Verification plug-in for ensuring that the Excel file does not contain invalid characters in the worksheet names and also that the length of the worksheet name does not exceed the 31 character limit.

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