natural language generation (NLG) → παραγωγή φυσικής γλώσσας


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natural language generation (NLG) → παραγωγή φυσικής γλώσσας
natural language understanding (NLU) → κατανόηση φυσικής γλώσσας
natural language processing (NLP) → επεξεργασία φυσικής γλώσσας (ΕΦΓ), επεξεργασία φυσικού λόγου, επεξεργασία του φυσικού λόγου

Natural Language Generation, as defined by Artificial Intelligence: Natural Language Processing Fundamentals, is the “process of producing meaningful phrases and sentences in the form of natural language.” In its essence, it automatically generates narratives that describe, summarize or explain input structured data in a human-like manner at the speed of thousands of pages per second.
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