11TH Annual Conference on Medical Interpreting, "Pioneering Healthy Alliances", IMIA

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International Medical Interpreters Association

11TH Annual Conference on Medical Interpreting


October 5th, 6th, and 7th, 2007

Sheraton Hotel

Boston, Massachusetts



Sheraton Hotel Boston Prudential Center

       39 Dalton Street

       Boston, Massachusetts 02199

IMIA is soliciting presenters for the 2007 national conference. Last year's conference received over 600 attendees and this year we are expecting 700-800 attendees due to our new strengthened ties with our ASL interpreter colleagues. The mission of the conference is to offer opportunities to develop the knowledge, wisdom, and practices of all interpreters through educational and cultural events and to promote participation in networking and leadership opportunities to advance individuals, the profession and to improve services. You can be a part of that effort.


Presentations are sought on all topics related to the field as well as non-interpreting related topics such as finances for interpreters and individual well-being.


Particular topics for which proposals are being sought are as follows:

Credentials for Medical Interpreters
Certifying Bodies and Medical Interpreting
Interpreter Test Preparation
Interpreter Certification and Certificate Acquisition
Cultural Competency in Medical settings
Health and Wellness
Distance Education
Managing Your Career
Referral Agencies
Remote Interpreting
Health Care Providers
Managing Your Interpreting Department
Working with Interpreters: Best Practices
Liability and Accountability in Health Care




The payments noted herein constitute the full compensation for presenters.


·   Conference presenters must register if they plan to attend the conference.

·   Compensation will be given to selected presenters for providing 90-minutes of professional discussion, guided skills activity, lecture or panel discussion that pertains to the Conference theme or listed sub topics

·    A payment of $100 will be made to selected presenters.

·   IMIA provides a specified audio-visual equipment package at no cost to the presenter.

·  Complementary conference registration


·  Application Process

In order to be considered as a presenter at the 2007 IMIA Conference, please follow this outline procedure:


1) Complete the application form available on the website. www.mmia.org - Conference

2) Provide a clear outline of your educational objectives for your proposed presentation.

3) Provide a title of the presentation and summary of your proposal (no more than 200 words) suitable for a description in the conference   program book.

4) Provide a short biographical sketch (no more than 100 words) of the presenter(s).

5) Indicate target audience:

Interpreters Entry-level,
Interpreters, Advanced ,
Healthcare Providers/Administrators
General Audience

Please E-mail all materials no later than May 18th, 2007 to:




At the Critical Link Conference in Sydney, Australia, we made history by announcing to the world our move to become the International Medical Interpreters Association. International delegates received this message with great enthusiasm and desire of support and collaboration.

Almost since its inception, the MMIA has been a national organization as members joined from all over the country to work together for the advancement of medical interpreters. The MMIA Standards of Practice were adopted by many organizations around the country and the MMIA Conference is attended by international multidisciplinary stakeholders, all with an interest in medical interpreting and in the mission of our organization.

The MMIA has always been a pioneer in the field, and has worked hard to promote collaboration and serve as a clearinghouse and catalyst for change in this specialized field. Now, the MMIA is again a pioneer in filling a void that has been present for a long time. Some countries are very advanced in healthcare interpreting, while others could benefit from what we have learned and have to offer. Most importantly this new structure will enable a more collegial collaboration among our international members. Please let your international colleagues know that there is now an international medical interpreter association, the IMIA. Our website will remain www.mmia.org.

How will this affect the state of Massachusetts? It will allow Massachusetts to continue in its leadership role as an interpreter association, and allow us to continue to serve our membership and create opportunities for all to work together to achieve our local goals, as well better serving our out of state and international members. Our Rhode Island Chapter members, for example, will benefit from this change. While we may certainly feel a loss to not be called the Massachusetts Medical Interpreters Association, we prefer to build on this organization's great history, and fulfill our fiduciary responsibility to the membership to lead the organization into the future.

If you're a state, out-of-state or international member, let us know how you feel! We know name changes can be emotional. We are honored that you voted for us to lead the organization to the next level, and that is what we are doing. This is a natural move for the organization. Comments about going international can be sent to Marzena Laslie, at mmiaml@aol.com.



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