Getting Started with TRADOS Freelance 6.5 in Two Minutes

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Getting Started with TRADOS Freelance 6.5 in Two Minutes

It is not a secret that many translators believe TRADOS is too complex and unfriendly. This popular misconception is supported by the bulkiness of TRADOS’s manuals: FL5.5 was supplied with five manuals totaling 936 pages, and FL6.5 has six manuals totaling 1252 pages—enough to scare off the most computer-savvy translator! However, these manuals can't be short and simple since they are comprehensive and cover all TRADOS functions and settings, which are almost unlimited.
Objective of the Article
My five years of experience in using TRADOS FL 5.5 and 6.5 demonstrates that knowledge of several basic functions of TRADOS FL is enough to use this software for translation of 80% of your jobs, helping you to:

— double your translation productivity;
— find and win more clients/jobs;
— make work less tiring;
— double your earnings;
— improve quality by increasing consistency and avoiding omissions and eye mistakes.

Hopefully this article will help you get rid of all prejudices against TRADOS and begin using basic TRADOS FL functions in two minutes. To do so, you only need to focus on vitally important TRADOS features and skip all the others.
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