free rider → χαραμοφάης, χαραμοφάισσα, τζαμπατζής, τζαμπατζού, τσαμπατζής, τσαμπατζού, τρακαδόρος, τζάμπας, κωλόφαρδος, κωλόφαρδη, τυχεράκιας


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free rider → χαραμοφάης, τσαμπατζής, τρακαδόρος

free rider (plural free riders)
Someone who obtains goods or services legally without paying.
The store failed because all of the manager's friends were free riders who drove paying customers away.
(economics) One who obtains benefit from a public good without paying for it directly.
A lighthouse is the classic example of a public good because it is difficult to prevent a ship (a free rider) from using it.
free rider - Wiktionary
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