parallel parking -> παράλληλο παρκάρισμα, παράλληλη στάθμευση


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parallel parking -> παράλληλο παρκάρισμα, παράλληλη στάθμευση

Parallel parking is a method of parking a vehicle parallel to the road, in line with other parked vehicles. Parallel parking usually requires initially driving slightly past the parking space, parallel to the parked vehicle in front of that space, keeping a safe distance, then followed by reversing into that space. Subsequent position adjustment may require the use of forward and reverse gears.
Parallel parking - Wikipedia

da: parallelparkering; en: parallel parking; es: aparcamiento en línea; fa: پارک دوبله; fr: stationnement en créneau; id: parkir paralel; ja: 縦列駐車; nl: inparkeren; pt: baliza; ru: параллельная парковка; sv: fickparkering; tr: paralel park; uk: паралельне паркування


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