die [synonyms]


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die [synonyms]

v. 1 lose one’s life, lay down one’s life, perish, expire, decease, suffer death, Euphemistic depart, give up the ghost, be no more, (go to) meet one’s Maker, breathe one’s last, go to the happy hunting-grounds, go to one’s reward, go to one’s final or last resting-place, go west, pay the debt of nature, pay one’s debt to nature, pass through the pearly gates, pass away or on, join the majority, go the way of all flesh; Slang pop off, bite the dust, kick the bucket, croak, Brit snuff it, go for a burton, pop one’s clogs, US turn up one’s toes, cash in one’s chips or checks: He died of tuberculosis, a rare affliction these days.
2 Often, die down or out or away. dwindle, lessen, diminish, decrease, ebb, decline, wane, subside, wither (away), wilt, melt (away), dissolve, peter out, fail, weaken, deteriorate, disintegrate, degenerate, fade (away), droop, moulder, sink, vanish, disappear: We lost the race because the breeze died down. After the third try, her enthusiasm died. The sound of the flute died away among its echoes.
3 expire, end, stop, cease: Your secret will die with me.
4 Usually, die off or out. become extinct, perish: By about 200 million years ago, all the dinosaurs had died out.
5 long, pine, yearn, crave, hanker, want, desire, hunger, ache: He said he was dying to meet a real movie star.

[synonyms for die]

auger in, be a stiff, be called home, be done for, be gathered to one's fathers, be kaput, be no more, bite the big one, bite the biscuit, bite the dust, breathe one's last, buy it, buy the farm, cark it, cash in, cash in one's chips, cease to be, check out, close one's eyes for the last time, coil up one's ropes, conk out, croak, cross over, cross the Great Divide, cross the Styx, decease, decompose, depart, depart this life, die, disincarnate, draw one's last breath, drop off the hooks, drop off the perch, enter Abraham's bosom, enter the grave, exit, expire, fall off the perch, flatline, forfare, get a packet, give one's all, give up the ghost, go back to the essence, go belly up, go belly-up, go for a burton, go gentle into that good night, go the way of all flesh, go the way of the dinosaurs, go the way of the dodo, go the way of the dodo bird, go to a better place, go to glory, go to meet one's maker, go to one's grave, go to one's reward, go west, hand in one's checks, hand in one's cheques, hand in one's chips, hand in one's dinner pail, hop off the twig, hop the twig, join the choir invisible, join the great majority, join the majority, keel over, kick off, kick the bucket, kiss the dust, knock off, lay down the knife and fork, lick the dust, liquidate, lose one's life, lose the number of one's mess, meet one's death, meet one's doom, meet one's end, meet one's maker, pass, pass away, pass in one's checks, pass in one's chips, pass in one's marble, pass on, pass over, pass the river, pay nature's debt, pay the debt of nature, peg out, perish, pip out, pop off, pop one's clogs, push up the daisies, reach the end of the road, return home, shuffle off this mortal coil, sink, sleep with one's fathers, slip away, slip one's cable, snuff it, succumb, suck the kumara, take a blinder, take a dirt nap, take the long count, turn belly up, turn into worm food, turn one's toes up, turn up one's toes, yield up the ghost
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