Translation Memories Survey 2006


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Hello! There's a new online survey launched by Imperial College London on perceptions and usage of Translation Memory tools. It is addressed to all types of translation professionals (translators,
terminologists, project managers, translation company owners, subtitlers, etc.) Its aim is to discover ways of improving these tools through users' input. We are particularly interested in finding out the penetration level of TM technology in the Greek translation market.

If you are a Greek translation professional, could you spare 6 minutes to fill it in? It's quick 'n easy.


Thank you.


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Έλαβα ένα μήνυμα από την Ελίνα με την καταπληκτική εργασία της την οποίο θα συνιστούσα σε οποιονδήποτε ενδιαφέρεται για τα τεκταινόμενα στον χώρο.

Dear TM Survey participant,
In July/August you were one of the 874 translation professionals who took part in our survey 'Translation Memories Survey 2006' and you have requested a copy of the results.
Here is the link to the PDF report:  (1.16 MB)
Thank you once again for your contribution to this research.
Elina Lagoudaki
Imperial College London


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