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State Revenue Service (SRS) -> κρατική υπηρεσία φορολογίας, κρατική υπηρεσία εσόδων

State Revenue Service of the Republic of Latvia
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In accordance with the Law on State Revenue Service, the State Revenue Service (hereinafter – “the SRS”) is a direct administrative authority under the supervision of the Minister of Finance, which ensures the accounting of tax payments and taxpayers; the collection of taxes, duties and other mandatory payments specified by the State in the territory of the Republic of Latvia; collects taxes, duties and other mandatory payments into the budget of the European Union; and implements the customs policy and organizes customs matters.
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A revenue service, revenue agency or taxation authority is a government agency responsible for the intake of government revenue, including taxes and sometimes non-tax revenue. Depending on the jurisdiction, revenue services may be charged with tax collection, investigation of tax evasion, or carrying out audits.
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