in memory of Guillaume de Machaut -> in memoriam Gulielmi de Mascandio


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Dear friends, some friend of mine who is a composer wants to dedicate a new composition "in memory of Guillaume de Machaut".

Now, the well known Latin formula is "In Memoriam + name in genitive", if I got it right.

The Latin name that Guillaume himself used to sign his works was, so far I can tell you, Guillelmus de Mascandio, if I am to trust the Latin Wikipedia:

As for the first name, the genitive would end in -i, thus, Guillelmi: In Memoriam Guillelmi.

I am not sure about what should I do with the surname "de Mascandio": is it already a genitive, following the preposition "de" for the toponym? Should it receive another ending?

Thank you for any enlightenment.
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No, and thanks for asking.  Mascandio is in the ablative case, necessary after the preposition de ("from").  So presumably the Latin word for "Machaut" is "Mascandius."  And Gulielmus is Latin for Guillaume (William).
Therefore, the correct Latin version would be In memoriam Gulielmi de Mascandio.


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