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Αρκετά εξειδικευμένο, αλλά όλο και κάποιους μπορεί να ενδιαφέρει. Μόνο βιαστείτε, το πρώτο webinar είναι αύριο!
Vasont Systems, a provider of content management software and data services, is kicking off a free webinar miniseries, entitled "Multilingual Publishing: How Do You Manage All Those Languages? It's Greek to Me!" The first part, "Speak a New Language: XML," will take place on Monday, January 24, 2005, and features guest speaker Paul Prescod of Blast Radius and coauthor of The XML Handbook. Blast Radius is the maker of the XMetaL product family, which simplifies XML-based content creation and management.

Vasont Systems, 315 Busser Road, Emigsville, PA 17318 USA, Tel: 717-792-9720, Fax: 717-764-5530, E-mail:, Web:
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