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Title: ATA Science and Technology Division (S&TD) established
Post by: wings on 13 Sep, 2010, 11:58:21
ATA Science and Technology Division (S&TD) established

We are excited to open up membership of the new Science and Technology Division to ATA members. This division was established to provide a community for translators of texts relating to science and technology. A large number of specialized technical translators who find the resources within any one language group limited in their subject area will benefit from the networking, terminology research, and professional development opportunities offered by a division specifically about the translation of science and technology.

A secondary purpose in establishing this division will be to improve scientific and technical writing skills. The styles and conventions required in technical subject matter are specific and well-defined. S&TD will lead professional development in this area. It will also support members interested in or with the need to understand more about specific technical fields by providing a forum to exchange knowledge and professional experience pertaining to technical translation.

You can find out more about the Science and Technology Division on our Website: