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epiblast -> επιβλάστη

In amniote embryonic development, the epiblast (also known as the primitive ectoderm) is one of two distinct cell layers arising from the inner cell mass in the mammalian blastocyst, or from the blastula in reptiles and birds. It derives the embryo proper through its differentiation into the three primary germ layers, ectoderm, mesoderm and endoderm, during gastrulation. The amnionic ectoderm and extraembryonic mesoderm also originate from the epiblast.
Epiblast - Wikipedia

ar: أديم خارجي; bg: епибласт; bs: epiblast; de: Epiblast; en: epiblast; es: epiblasto; fr: épiblaste; hy: էպիբլաստ; id: epiblast; it: epiblasto; pl: epiblast; pt: epiblasto; ru: эпибласт; uk: епібласт; uz: epiblast; zh: 上胚層
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