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Ars Gratia Artis → Η τέχνη για την τέχνη (Art for art's sake, Art for the sake of art)

Hi everyone,

I'm looking for a translation of the MGM motto "Ars Gratia Artis" or "Art for the sake of art" in Attic Greek.  I came up with "η τεχνη της τεχνης χαριν" minus the accent marks.  Is this correct?  I'm only somewhat knowledgable about Attic Greek, so I'm not wholly sure about my translation.  In case you're curious, this is for an art project.  Thanks in advance.
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This is neo-Latin (see's_Sake) and definitely without an equivalent in ancient Greek. We use our modern version of it: "Η τέχνη για την τέχνη". In the recent past, one would have said "Η τέχνη προς χάριν της τέχνης" or "Η τέχνη χάριν της τέχνης". I think the Attic Greek would have been: "Τέχνη τέχνης χάριν". But I'm not happy with it.


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Νο, I don't like "Τέχνη τέχνης χάριν" either. I would definitely go for the Modern Greek "H τέχνη για την τέχνη", just as nickel suggested.
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