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Title: Translate ttx files in your favourite translation memory tool (TTXpress)
Post by: spiros on 20 Apr, 2006, 17:56:45
Thanks to Jost Zetzsche and his toolkit, I discovered a new trick to do this. So far I would do it with MetaTexis which imports ttx files ( or tag the original (non ttx) file with another utility like Rainbow localization tools, or create a custom macro to do the tagging for special file formats.

So even if you do not own MetaTexis you can use a nice little tool, TTXpress, which will allow you to translate in Word with your favourite CAT tool (alternative download link (

TTXpress is a two-button toolbar that allows you to open TRADOS TagEditor files directly in Word. You can proceed with translation using your CAT tool of choice and then save as bilingual TRADOS TagEditor, as needed. These functions require that TRADOS TagEditor is installed on your PC.

If you stick to the following workflow (step 1 applies if you are creating your own source TTX and not receiving directly in this format), you should be able to work without problems:

   1. (Open your .txt, .qsc, .isc, .sgm, etc file in TagEditor. Click Save. Close the file.)
   2. In Word, click Open TTX as RTF on the TTXpress toolbar. You may see the screen flicker, as the conversion process actually opens the file twice.
   3. Translate. Save the RTF.
   4. Click Save RTF As TTX. Again you may see the screen flicker. A dialog box reports the location and name of the saved TTX file.

To view the TTXpress buttons in Word, click Tools -> Templates and Add-Ins ->
Title: Re: Translate ttx files in your favourite translation memory tool
Post by: spiros on 23 Jul, 2008, 15:53:45
Just to remind of this feature of translating ttx files in word using TTXpress.