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Title: Across 4.0: free licence for freelancers
Post by: greek-translator on 10 Jul, 2008, 08:00:27
RE: Across 4.0: free licence for freelancers

It is available at

Just click on "registration for freelance translators" an follow indications.
Title: Re: Across Personal Edition
Post by: wings on 10 Jul, 2008, 15:43:19
Across Personal Edition

The Across Personal Edition is the standalone application developed by Across and offers full translation functionality, particularly for freelance translators.
The application assists you in re-using contents, controlling processes, and ensuring a high quality level. Thus, it speeds up the delivery of high-quality foreign-language contents to your customers and significantly reduces your own translation workload.
Standalone or Standby

The Across Personal Edition can be used either as a standalone application or as a remote client for direct access to Across servers (crossWAN). Having installed your Across version you universally employ both operational modes:

    * As a Standby Remote Client for receiving tasks from Across users in the industry and agencies at all times. Your customer will provide you with a softkey containing the connection details of his server as well as the license for activating your client.
    * As a Standalone Personal Edition for standalone use, if you want to work without communicating with an Across network.