Virtaal - computer-assisted translation tool in Python

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Virtaal - computer-assisted translation tool in Python

Virtaal is a graphical translation tool. It is meant to be easy to use and powerful at the same time. Although the initial focus is on software translation (localisation or l10n), we definitely intend it to be useful for several purposes.

Virtaal is built on the powerful API of the Translate Toolkit. “Virtaal” is an Afrikaans play on words meaning “For Language”, but also refers to translation.

Download Virtaal if you don't yet have it. The Windows setup.exe installer contains all necessary dependencies. For other platforms, ensure that you have all the other dependencies, including the newest Translate Toolkit.

Read more about the features in Virtaal, or view the screenshots.

Learn more about using Virtaal.

Virtaal features

  • Support for many localization file formats:
    Gettext (.po and .mo)
    LIFF (.xlf)
    WordFast TM (.txt)
    Qt Linguist (.ts)
    Qt Phrase Book (.qph)
  • Ideal for beginners:
    Simple and intuitive layout
    Highlighting of XML and escape characters
    Displays comments from programmers and previous translators
    Displays context (like msgctxt in PO)
    Localisation guide available from the Help menu
  • Productive environment:
    Fast and easy navigation within the file
    Auto-correction based on's auto-correction data files
    Auto-completion modelled after
    Automatic sensing of the initial cursor position
    Copying original string to target string taking your language's punctuation rules into account
    Easily find your work by moving between the units that are untranslated or fuzzy
  • Searching with regular expressions and Unicode normalisation
  • Spell checker for translation and original text (might not work on all Windows platforms)
  • Debug compiled application translations by opening .mo files directly
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Virtaal is a computer-assisted translation tool written in the Python programming language. It is free software developed and maintained by

Virtaal is built using the Translate Toolkit allowing it to process a number of translation and localisation formats.


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